Highland Park, CA Homes and assets – a glance at the Numbers

By | December 14, 2017

In l. a. assets circles, most are talking regarding Highland Park. Like alternative Northeast LA neighborhoods like Silver Lake, Eagle Rock and Mt. Washington, Highland Park is in a very state of restoration as new stores and restaurants area unit doping up on royal house Blvd. and houses area unit being purchased and repaired. As a result, homes in Highland Park area unit in demand and costs have steady up. however restoration is not the solely reason. Highland Park may be a tremendous space to decision home.

Highlan Park is associate degree amiable historic neighborhood placed in Northeast l. a. . it’s a craggy neighborhood placed within the San Rafael Hills on the gully Seco. it’s southwest of Eagle Rock and Northeast of Cypress Park. individuals from several ethnic and socioeconomic teams decision this neighborhood “home”. The weather is pristine with the best monthly average temperature being seventy three degrees within the hottest month of Gregorian calendar month and fifty seven degrees within the coldest month of December. Highland Park experiences light-weight rain; Gregorian calendar month receives the best quantity at four.6 inches total. per Walk Score, Highland Park is that the most walkable neighborhood in l. a. with a score of seventy two. it’s terribly accessible and most errands may be completed on foot. it’s some public transportation and is somewhat bikeable with a transit score of forty seven and a motorbike score of fifty three.

According to the 2000 U.S. Census there have been fifty seven,566 residents within the three.42 sq. miles of neighborhood. that’s a median of sixteen,385 individuals per area unit. Highland Park is one amongst the best density areas in l. a. . Highland Park grew to sixty,835 individuals by 2008. The quality break down was as follows: Latinos, 72.4% Whites eleven.3%, Asians 11.2%, Blacks 2.4% et al. a pair of.6%. a bigger than average fifty seven.8% residents were born abroad. 55.3% of them were born in Mexico and twelve-tone system were from Central American country. within the male population fifty two.2% were married, 41.2% had ne’er been married, 4.9% had been single and one.6% were unmarried . For the women: fifty.4% were married, 33.2% were ne’er married, 9.3% were single and seven.1% were unmarried . The demographic for ne’er married was among the county’s highest. 14.3% of residents World Health Organization were twenty five and higher than had a four-year degree. This was average for l. a. . 45.1% of the residents were born in a very foreign town. This was a high variety for l. a. . 4.9% of individuals within the population were veterans; this was a coffee variety for l. a. . the common age of residents was twenty eight, that is seen as young compared to the opposite areas of l. a. .

The average house financial gain in 2008 was $45,478, that is a median variety for l. a. . the common house size was three.3 people, that is twenty fifth more than the national average. Renters occupied60.9% of housing units, that is one hundred and fifth more than the national average. homeowners completed the opposite thirty-nine.1%, that is fifty eight under the national average.

Zillow states that Highland Park’s home worth index is $662,800, that is up thirteen.1% since last year and with a projected increase of four.3% foreseen over next year. The market temperature is incredibly hot and ideal for sellers. the common value per area unit is $582, that is more than the l. a. average of $448. the common value of homes is $652,500, that is 123% more than the national average. the common rent per month is $2,600, being twenty second more than the national average. the present Market Health is five.3/10, that is relative to alternative markets across the country. Highland Park can still grow and develop.

Because Highland Park is in a very stage of restoration with rising home costs, it’s extremely suggested for homebuyers and residential sellers to hunt out associate degree old Highland Park agent World Health Organization makes a speciality of the realm.

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