Altadena assets – a glance at the Numbers

By | December 9, 2017

The real estate market in Altadena, CA is hot dog. Homes purchasable in Altadena command high costs and ne’er be the market terribly long. Why? each realtors and residents can answer that by stating: Altadena could be a terribly special place to measure, work and relax.

Altadena is charming community placed directly north of city at the bottom of the Angeles National Forest San Gabriel Mountains. Altadena is associate unorganized and fourteen miles northeast from Downtown la. This warm, Mediterranean climate has hot and dry summers that average highs of ninety one degrees. The winters ar basically heat and windy with the bottom average temperature of forty four degrees. Altadena averages twenty one inches of precipitation annually.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census – Altadena had a population of forty two,777 people. With 8.71 sq. miles to share there have been four,909.6 individuals per square measure. this is often average for la County. The population was additional various compared to alternative areas of the county with the dominate quality being White at fifty two.8%, followed by twenty six.9% Latino, 23.7% Black, 5.4% Asian and zero.7% yank Indian.

The population of Altadena is well educated compared to the remainder of the county with forty five.6% of residents aged twenty five and up with a four year degree and eighty seven.9% with a highschool certification. with reference to the male population: fifty seven.8% were married, 32.9% had ne’er been married, 7.1% had been single and a pair of.1% were unmarried . the feminine population had53.9% United Nations agency were married, 24.4% had ne’er been married, 12.4% were single and nine.4% were unmarried . the common age of Altadena was thirty seven, that is associate older average age compared to the remainder of la County. 9.8% of the individuals in population were veterans and twenty.8% of residents were born in an exceedingly foreign country. the common commute to figure was twenty seven.5 minutes. Altadena includes a Walk Score of forty eight out of a hundred that means that it’s a automobile dependent town.

The average unit size was two.8 people, that was 9/11 above the national average. just about seventy four.6% of residents in hand their homes. This was 100% above the national average. 25.4% of the population rented from a house, lodging or condominium. The 2010 Census declared there being fifteen,518 units with a median household financial gain of $83,917. this is often high compared to la County.

Altadena assets is not low-cost, however. The median worth of homes purchasable in Altadena is $780,000. this is often 226% above the national average. However, the common home price is $731,400. the worth per square measure is $485. this housing market “temperature” is neutral. Last year the house values inflated by eight.1% and Zillow predicts they’ll rise just one.9% inside consequent year. the common monthly rent is $2,921. this is often fifty three above the national average. this housing market health is six.9/10. this is often healthy score given by Zillow compared to alternative housing markets across the country.

According to space Vibes, Altadena includes a livability score of seventy seven – extraordinarily liveable. this is often above the national average of seventy. This comfy, safe community can still flourish and grow and manufacture stunning homes by its affluent residents. If wanting to shop for or sell assets in Altadena, make sure you perform your due diligence associated realize an full-fledged land agent United Nations agency focuses on the world.

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